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Dye Culik Business Litigation


Business Litigation

and Disputes


DYE CULIK PC is a Charlotte, North Carolina business law and franchise law firm that focuses on assisting businesses including business litigation and resolution of disputes. Whether the business has been sued or you are experiencing a contract dispute with a client or business vendor, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to advocate strongly for you and your business.

Have a business litigation or contract dispute? We're happy to meet with you at either your office or ours.

If you need a business dispute or business litigation attorney, you need someone who has both business savvy and trial experience. We bring both to your business. 


Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating on behalf of businesses and individuals and stay current on changing laws to give clients the best legal advantage.


We understand that no business wants to be enmeshed in time-consuming litigation that takes away from the running of your company. That’s why we strategize to find the best resolution for your case, and use creative solutions to end the dispute.


Sometimes you have no choice but to take legal action against a vendor, a competitor, or even a customer. Although this is never an easy decision to make, we’ll talk through the pros and cons of the litigation before it starts so that you have a roadmap of the potential outcomes.


Tough and fair, DYE CULIK PC doesn’t back down from a fight. Your problem is our problem, and we’ll be with you in your business litigation or business dispute resolution until the end to make sure your business is protected to the maximum extent of the law.


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