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Dye Culik Business and Corporate Law


Business Law

DYE CULIK PC is a Charlotte, North Carolina business law firm. Whether you’re starting or operating a new or existing business, there are numerous legal requirements we can assist you with. DYE CULIK PC handles virtually every aspect of business law: from start-ups and business formation, to franchise law, to business disputes and litigation.

Have questions about how we can help your business? We're happy to meet with you at either your office or ours.

A Charlotte, North Carolina business lawyer is a necessity when starting or running a company in or around the Queen City. Having a business law firm like DYE CULIK PC on your team helps to protect against risks – and, most importantly, to take the steps forward that your business needs to grow.


The principles of entrepreneurship are fundamental for DYE CULIK PC. We recognize that our role in your business is both to safeguard against unnecessary risks, and to support your enterprise’s profitability and value.


Charlotte, North Carolina, as the second-largest banking center in the USA, has a thriving business community that includes franchises, businesses, and a wide array of companies to support what is becoming rapidly becoming known as a world-class city. The business climate in North Carolina is friendly: Forbes Magazine ranks North Carolina as the #2 “Best States for Business,” and Chief Executive Magazine ranks North Carolina as the #3 best.


As your business lawyer, what can DYE CULIK PC do for you? Some of the services we offer are listed below:


  • Choice of business entity (corporation, LLC, partnership, limited partnership). The choice of business entity, which is typically done before the business starts operating, is vital, and affects the rights and responsibilities of the incorporators, members, managers, and shareholders. It can affect what happens in the event of a partnership or shareholder dispute, and how profits are distributed. It also affects how the company is taxed.


  • Articles of incorporation and articles of organization. Articles of incorporation are the documents governing operation of a corporation. Articles of organization govern a limited liability company (LLC). In either case, these articles affect how long-term running of the business. Well-drafted articles of organization or organization may help prevent future disputes.


  • Business plans. A business plan is typically written before the business begins operating. It lays out the business’s objectives and how it will achieve them. A business plan is always a good idea, and is often required for a business loan such as a Small Business Administration loan.


  • Intellectual property protections, such as trademarks. trademark is a symbol or word that represents your company, and which distinguishes and protects it from competing businesses who want to use similar marks.


  • Contracts and agreements. Contracts are the lifeblood of many businesses, and the making of them (and avoiding breaches of them) must be done with care. We draft and review business contracts, and enforce them when necessary.


  • Employment issues. When hiring employees, businesses need representation to ensure that the myriad state and federal employment laws are complied with.


  • Non-compete agreements. A non-compete agreement is legal in North Carolina and is often necessary to protect your hard-earned business from a former employee with a valuable client list or intentions to become your competition.


  • Non-disclosure agreements. Non-disclosure agreements prevent employees from disclosing your business’s trade secrets and other non-public information.


  • General counsel for businesses. If you want to be able to pick up the phone and have an attorney to ask questions to, DYE CULIK PC can be your outside general counsel.


  • Business litigation and disputes. DYE CULIK PC understands that no business wants to be involved in drawn-out litigation, which is why we get to the point and negotiate favorable outcomes to business disputes. If that’s not possible, we litigate aggressively and efficiently to vindicate your rights.



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