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Custom In-House

Counsel Services


DYE CULIK PC is a Charlotte, North Carolina law firm. We offer in-house counsel services to growing and mature small businesses and franchises who need ongoing legal counsel and support but do not wish to hire a full-time in-house lawyer. It is a more cost-effective way to have readily available access to an attorney who acts as part of your team and knows your business inside and out.

Considering the cost savings for custom in-house counsel services? We're happy to meet with you at either your office or ours.


We can structure and in-house program just right for your business. If you consistently need legal services, this program can be a significant cost-savings. Our in-house client structure handles client relationships in a flexible manner, to create the best fit for the businesses we serve. We can structure it on a pure on-demand basis with an hourly rate discounted from our regular rates. We can also provide estimates for specific projects which allows your business to budget and plan.

If you need more regular general counsel, we can also set a specific weekly or monthly rate which can often save you money overall if your business has ongoing regular needs.

With an in-house counsel package, we are happy to come to your office for meetings and don’t charge for the time to/from your office.


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