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Shawna Dye Culik

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Shawna Dye Culik



At DYE CULIK PC, Shawna Dye Culik works on business development, design, marketing, networking, and operations. With an educational and professional background in business management, accounting, and marketing, Shawna uses her skillset to make sure small business and franchise clients at DYE CULIK PC are treated with the utmost care and that their experience at the firm is one that improves their brand and safeguards their investment.


Shawna is a business development and marketing professional. She founded DYE CULIK PC with her partner and husband, Joe Dye Culik, in 2008. Prior to starting the law firm, Shawna owned a boutique design and marketing firm which catered to small businesses and non-profits. She has developed a reputation for helping businesses disrupt the norms, develop their brand image, and tell their story in the right way to the right audience.

Shawna lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with Joe and their rescue dog, a Miniature Schnauzer mix named Ava. She enjoys photography, reading, biking, design, and traveling. She accomplished a goal to travel to all 50 states and has been to more than 35 countries. Shawna also founded the Southern travel and photography company, Southern Reverie.





MBA | BS Accounting and Marketing

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