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Get Out There For Your Business! Networking Opportunities in the Charlotte, NC Area

Networking is one of the most important things you can do for your business, and it gives you the ability to form long term relationships and create a powerful support network. Selective networking, right for your business, can also help increase visibility and lead generation. Some new businesses overlook how important networking can be, but whether you're B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer), there are networking organizations perfect for your business.

So, where to start? There are some great networking opportunities in our community that will help you build your business network and form long lasting business relationships.

Get Out There For Your Business! Networking Opportunities in the Charlotte, NC Area
Get Out There For Your Business! Networking Opportunities in the Charlotte, NC Area

Charlotte Area Chamber of Commerce

Our law firm loves being a part of The Charlotte Area Chamber. This organization fulfilled a big need in the Charlotte metro area and has truly become a strong business ally and resource for some of the best networking in our community. Their mission is to help to serve and strengthen their members and the Charlotte area through networking, education and providing resources. They host a variety of events each month providing excellent networking opportunities. Check out their calendar of upcoming events.


BNI (Business Network International) is the world's largest referral networking organization with members and chapters in over 76 countries, and more than 40 chapters in the Charlotte metro area. The referral structure of BNI can be very beneficial to businesses, and finding the right chapter for your business is key to making sure you have strong referral partners. Three of the local chapters we’d recommend include:

BNI CLT South Networkers

The CLT South Networkers has grown a strong base of members motivated to refer business to each other. They are a hybrid chapter meeting every Tuesday at 7:15 am by Zoom except the first Tuesday of the month when they meet at a location in South Charlotte. They currently have open categories to help grow your business and just one person per professional specialty is allowed. If you would like to visit Charlotte South Networkers, check out the link below to register to attend a meeting. Learn more about the CLT South Networkers and register to visit.

BNI Ballantyne Business Network

Another great chapter is the Ballantyne Business Network. Their chapter passed $1.5 million in referrals during the past twelve months. This group includes some experienced BNI members reflected in their strong number of referrals and closed business. They also meet in a hybrid format, Thursdays at 7:15 am, alternating weeks in person and by zoom. Check out more about this chapter and register to visit.

BNI Ballantyne @9

As the top chapter in the Charlotte area, Ballantyne @9 has done a tremendous job of growing their chapter and their referral power teams. They meet at 9 am on Wednesdays and members can choose to attend virtually or in person. In the last twelve months they have exceeded more than $2.3 million in closed business/referrals. With business categories still open, they welcome visitors to check our their group. Read more about the members and register to visit.

Matthews Chamber of Commerce

Matthews Chamber of Commerce serves as a resource for their members to gain business knowledge, insight and strength as business professionals. Many great networking opportunities are included with their membership. Matthews Chamber hosts multiple events each month providing you with networking opportunities to grow your business. Read about the many benefits of joining the Matthews Chamber.

Union County Chamber of Commerce

The Union County Chamber has very active programming with events for all types of business and plenty of business education opportunities. Members who belong to this chamber enjoy its supportive structure and strong member base. Their mission to champion business growth and prosperity throughout Union County comes through in the events and services they provide to their membership. Check out one of their upcoming events.

NBG - Network Build Grow

Network Build Grow seeks to provide great networking opportunities while taking that to the next level by equipping members with opportunities to grow their knowledge through huddles, online courses and collaboration, access to experts, and a supportive social community. There are no mandates on referrals or one-to-one meetings. They believe in treating members like professionals, leaving the tracking and follow up to them to do in a matter that best fits their needs. Check out their website to visit an upcoming event.

BLOC – Business Leaders of Charlotte

Business Leaders of Charlotte (BLOC) is an alliance of professionals that provides their members with opportunities to build business relationships and friendships while strengthening our community. They have several chapters in the Charlotte area and meet once a month at lunch and once a month in an after five event. BLOC has a huge emphasis on supporting local non-profits and includes those initiatives in their chapter goals. Since 2001 they have raised more than $624K for local non-profits.


We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events! Business networking is extremely important for setting the foundation for a successful business. It will help you expand your reach and build brand awareness. Take the initiative and start getting your business noticed.

On the legal side of your business, we’re here to help. Dye Culik PC is a business and franchise law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our business attorneys work with you to protect you and your business. If you need help with growing your business or have questions about starting a business, connect with us.


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