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Is September the New January? This Transitional Month Brings an Air of Renewal to Businesses.

Many business owners say September feels like a mini new year for them -- a restart. September air somehow brings new opportunities and a fresh perspective on things both personally and professionally. So why is September so business-friendly, and how can you take advantage of that feeling of renewal while letting the good energy help you finish the year out strong?

Perhaps it has something to do with September marking the beginning of the harvest season with themes of bounty, blessings, and the preparation for new leaves and a new season. And, just like Mother Nature prepares for the arrival of a new season, you'll notice a positive surge in business activity, networking, and growth. It’s no coincidence that several top brands launch new products in September. This is why September is one of business owners’ favorite months out of the year.

Why September Feels Like a New Beginning for Business
Why September Feels Like a New Beginning for Business

Taking full advantage of that fresh perspective and positive energy is important. Use that energy to refocus and revamp your business. Spend some time realigning with your business and the goals you want to achieve throughout the next few months. Here are some great ideas to lean into that September boost.


Look back at the last few months and reflect on what’s working or what’s not working. Use this time to shed what is no longer serving your business. Look at what you need to reach the goals you set for yourself and start planning. Use September reflection to shine a light on the next steps and best business practices you can implement to realize the goals you've set for your company.

New Business

Businesses should be going into September with as much intensity as they can. For small businesses, September tends to be a time to gain new customers. Now is the time to promote yourself and your business. Also, according to statistics done by Redbooth, a task-management software company, September is the best month to launch a new business because, on average, people are generally more productive during autumn than any other season. This study also showed the most productive months of the year are September, October and November. Whether you are advertising to businesses or consumers, there seems to be an uptick in engagement, and it's important to be ready to take advantage of this.


Invest money in marketing campaigns, improved equipment, team-building, or property improvements. Preparing in advance for this pivotal month should be a part of your annual business plan, and ramping up advertising during this time, in particular, will help you take full advantage of the increased positive business climate.


This is a great month to get back out there and connect with other business owners. As the kids return to school and vacations come to an end, September is the time to return to the networking scene. Pick ones that make sense for your business and growth. Networking events allow for valuable interactions, which will help build long-term referral partners.

Here are a few great local networking groups to check out.

Lean Into That September Feeling

Once you understand the benefits of September, you realize why business owners love this time of year so much. Applying the renewal perspective and formulating strategies to implement new ideas can boost your energy, team, and business.


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